Customs Chief Adewale Adeniyi addressed the issue during a meeting in Katsina yesterday, engaging with residents from border communities at Kongolam and Mai’Adua border stations. He conveyed President Tinubu’s extraordinary decision, highlighting that it deviates from legal protocols, yet underscores Tinubu’s profound generosity towards Nigeria.

Adeniyi elaborated, stating, “In doing so, he has directed that those food items that were intended for export but seized in various border areas should be returned to their rightful owners under the condition that these goods would be made available for sale within Nigerian markets.”

He stressed the importance of compliance, affirming, “So, we will be closely monitoring to ensure there is no violation of this directive. The seized food items will be returned, and they must be reintroduced into the Nigerian markets in adherence to this directive.”

This detailed explanation from Adeniyi provides clarity on the implementation of President Tinubu’s directive regarding the seized food items at the border.